The History of Stoner Memes

Throughout the life of the internet, memes give the free-thinking community an eternal voice through the internet. These dank memes have captured the stoner and hippie community by storm. As a tribute to our tokin’ buddies out there, here are the dankest stoner memes in CHRONIC-logical order.

meme so dank you just

1. Stoner Stanley – Stoner Stanley has cemented itself as a go-to meme, for anyone looking to make a joke about someone being high as a mother fucker. And lets be honest, if you’re on this site, you’ve probably looked like that a couple times in your life too. 888 sport This is one of the original stoner memes.

high im stanleywhy awakw stanleyTwo large medium pizzas

2. Conspiracy Keanu and Philosoraptor – people always give stoners shit about philosophizing. Well you’re welcome ass-holes. It’s deep/thought-provoking references like the ones that Conspiracy Keanu and Philosoraptor asks that move us forward as a society and ask the questions the sheep don’t even think about.

keanue stonerKeanu celeb plotphilosopraptor mary mediphilosoraptor-meme-the-devil2


 4. Stoner Dog Memes – let’s face it, some dogs love getting high. Can we blame them? Hell no! Dogs are man’s best friend, and best friends stick together.


stoner dog yes high

roll over stoner memes dog


need some bud meme

5. Faux Stoner Meme – this is a meme you use to point out something a FAUX (FALSE) stoner would say. If you can’t tell the difference between dank weed and good weed (LET ALONE REGGIES) then you, yourself could be considered a Faux Stoner. Don’t be.

Faux Stoner

6. Good Guy Greg Meme – first of all Good Guy Greg blazes up some weed, secondly he’s a nice guy. Sounds like a good smoking buddy. We’re thankful for memes that give stoners a legit rep. رهان كرة القدم

Good Guy Greg Not Talkinggood guy greg rich famous

 7. The Stoner Meme Mix Conspiracy Stanleynot a popular meme, but a dank one none-the-less. Don’t deny it- you’ve gotten blown and come up with a hilarious and far out conspiracy theory before. If you haven’t, you ain’t smokin’ enough bud.


 8. Celebrity Stoner Memes


9. TV/Movie Show Memes – The number of marijuana references in movies and on tv are endless. It’s great when you can capture a classic stoner movie scene in a meme.

Southpark Towlie Meme




^^Sudden Clarity Clarence

10. Worst/Best case scenario – just throw a bunch of high quality (DANK) nugs or high quanity DANK BANK in the picture and write something legit AF.

 cat nip

11. BONUS – Any meme can become stoner memes? Don’t think so? Prove us wrong.

I don’t always


Think we’re missing a HISTORIC STONER MEME? Have more information that we’re missing? اندرويد كازينو


Don’t sound the alarms just yet! Light another one up and either 1. shoot us a personal message or 2. post it in the comments! We’d love to hear from you … because that’s just what’s DANK!!! 🙂

Shoot us your stoner memes ideas at [email protected]

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