• Best Strains of Marijuana for Anxiety

    Anxiety and Marijuana The majority of people who use marijuana say it helps to relieve them of anxiety. However, there are some people who claim smoking weed makes them more…

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  • Weed and Sex

    Weed and sex go together like cookies and milk. While cookies are still good by themselves, add a glass of milk, and they’re even more delicious. The same goes for…

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  • Haze Vaporizers

    Vaporizers in Hollywood

    The Haze Recently, when Oscar nominees received their goody-bags, inside they found the Haze Vaporizer. Those actors and actresses who did not take home the golden statue were given “Everyone…

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  • Mighty Vaporizer

    Mighty Vaporizer Review

    The Mighty gets its name from being one of the most impressive portable vaporizers. The Storz & Bickel portable, wireless vaporizer has earned the name “Mighty,” but at a price…

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  • Davinci Vaporizer Review

    Davinci’s Ascent Vaporizer has dwarfed its predecessor, not to mention it dominates many other personal wireless vapes that are on the market. Its both aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced. Review of the…

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  • Alfa Vaporizer Review

    Avid vaper users are impressed when they use an Alfa Vaporizer for the first time. No one expects a small vape to have such a big punch. However that’s what…

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  • Haze Vaporizer

    Haze Vaporizer Review

    The Haze Vaporizer For $250, your Haze vape will include the device itself which contains two bowls. This is so users can switch off between different materials: dank buds and wax…

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  • Weed Vaporizer FAQs

    How does a Weed Vaporizer heat up? There are two main ways to heat your nugs: conduction or convection. 1) Conduction vaporizers apply heat directly to the marijuana you want…

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