Haze Vaporizer Review

The Haze Vaporizer

For $250, your Haze vape will include the device itself which contains two bowls. This is so users can switch off between different materials: dank buds and wax or essential oils. This is one of the most unique features of this wireless electronic vaporizer. Currently the Haze is the only vape out there with two bowls that can burn at once.

Also inside the box there are two rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries which allow plenty of power for long vaping sessions without having to worry about charging the device.

There are more goodies in the Haze box- two screens each for conduction and convection heating. These filters help keep your vaping extra pure, and act as filters by keeping out particles that would burn if they came into direct contact with heat.

Again, the presence of convection heating in a portable vaporizer is something very unique. Many portable vapes only contain conduction-method heating and will burn weed.

There are two cans for use with whatever material you like- a glass or stainless steel mouthpiece, and plenty of different tools to keep your Haze clean.

Haze Vaporizer
The two chambers of a Haze Vaporizer

How to Use the Haze Vaporizer

If you’re used to vapes heating up instantly, the 90seconds it takes the Haze to reach a low temperature setting might seem a little long. However, the majority of high-quality vapes take at least a minute to heat up. This is because the materials inside are covered for heat retention, not speedy heating, and speed is given up for quality here. But in the great scheme of things, we all have 90 seconds to waste on heating bud, so its no big deal.

When it comes to how you wanna vape your dank, there are 4 possible settings for vaporizing your weed because stoner connoisseurs often like to control this feature. A heat exchanger guarantees even hot herbal vapor is cooled so it is smooth when inhaled- so breathe in deep.

You’ll know what the vape has heated to when an LED changes color. Tutorials featured on the Haze website show how it all works, so watch those to see how easy it is to do and maintain.

Haze Vaporizer
Haze Vaporizer

A Sophisticated Look

Whoever designed the Haze had style in mind. You will not find examples of a contemporary Haze in bright colors. Instead, select Absinthe, Graphite, Orchid, or Midnight as your shade of choice.

Haze Vaporizer

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