Weed and Sex

Weed and sex go together like cookies and milk. While cookies are still good by themselves, add a glass of milk, and they’re even more delicious. The same goes for getting high before you get intimate.

Everyone knows that marijuana has astonishing medicinal uses, it can be used both to relieve symptoms of pain and mental anguish, and has the capability to actually reverse the effects of chronic diseases and ailments. However, weed’s powers of enrichment are not limited to the medical arena. Cannibas can also be useful in the bedroom as a potent aphrodisiac, and many people think of weed and sex as a great pairing.

weed and sex
Smoke weed and have sex

Weed and Sex: People react differently

While we consider marijuana as an aphrodisiac, we must remember that cannibas affects everyone differently. There are a plethora of marijuana strains, with different amounts of THC and other cannabinoids in them, so you can’t make a blanket statement and say “all marijuana makes sex better.” Marijuana effects people differently, and while you may get too high to even move, that bowl of bud might make your partner feel so turned on that she’s ready to do reverse cowgirl on a banana if you’re not DTF. Finding the type of marijuana that you and your partner react to is imperative.


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Sativa, Indica, Afghanica: Which Type of Cannibas is Best for Sex?

There are 4 main types of marijuana used to catalogue cannibas, Indica, Sativa, Afghanica or hybrid.

Generally speaking, most Afghanica and Indica marijuana strains load your body with weight, sensation, pain relief, and muscle relaxation. الكزينو They don’t make your mind as active, and they act more like sedatives.

However, Sativa marijuana is more of a mind-stimulator. In other words, smoke Sativa and expect to have more thoughts, not less. العاب ماكينات Be prepared for more creativity and laughter, with almost psychedelic effects. The thought-filled mind may make up for the missing body high, creating a trippy sexual experience you couldn’t have without being high off Stavia marijuana.

When you ask people what strains of marijuana they smoke for sex, the majority of people will say a variation of Sativa marijuana is their most potent aphrodisiac. The strains listed for sex are mostly Sativa, along with at least 15-40% Indica or Afghanica genetics.

Naturally, the next question that comes to mind is how do you find the right marijuana strains that give you more intense, more explosive orgasms, more-willing partners, and other kinky sex fun?

When it comes to weed and sex, first of all, think about how you react to marijuana when you’re smoking it just to get high. If you smoke Sativas and they make you full of energy, fast-talking, or even worried–would that equal a good sexual experience for you? إلعب واربح

If you’re under a lot of stress or nervous, perhaps Indica or Afghanica-dominant marijuana would be best for putting you in the mood for having sex.

If you smoke Blueberry Kush and find it difficult to carry on a conversation or even lift your head off the couch, how are you going to be able to slam your girl?

In other words when it comes to weed and sex, before you even begin to know how a marijuana strain affects you sexually, it’s important to be familiar with how you react during regular use. Just make sure you pick a dank weed strain, nothing less.

Below are a few strains that turned on our fellow All Things Dank readers:

The Purple Princess– tastes like berry and will make you feel energetic and creative, perfect for testing out those new Karma Sutra moves on your Prince or Princess.

Danky Doodle– Will leave you high AF, and your eyes feeling dry. But you’ll be extra wet in all the places that matter.

Atomic Northern Lights– If you’re ready for an out of body experience, and an orgasm so good you’ll be seeing stars, load a bowl of this in the vape.

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